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      Inbound China Services

      Ten years of facilitating East/West small parcel logistics enabled us to crack the code for seamless distribution in the China e-commerce market where barriers exist across market strategy, sales implementation, forward and reverse logistics and after sales service.


      Marketing & Sales

      Assessment & Implementation
      Our analysis of economic, product, target and segment trends and data will enable a market entry decision and plan.

      • Decision to enter the market
      • E-commerce & Website
      • Shopping Cart Integration & Check Out



      Logistical Services

      Forward & Reverse
      From your warehouse, to booking air cargo, to customs clearance, last mile, and back again, we offer a clear line of sight.

      • International Shipping (Collection, Forwarding & Documentation)
      • China Customs Clearance (Taxes, Duties & Shipping)
      • Last Mile Delivery with Complete Reverse Logistics



      Customer Service

      Complete & In-Country
      In-country customer service and order tracking begin at the point of sale. Returns and exchanges are controlled at our in-country facilities.

      • Tracking & Delivery
      • Last Mile Labeling, Wrong Addresses, Missing Parcels
      • Custom Cloud-Based Technology