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      Who We are

      SkuTouch began as an expert in product returns management as a function of customer service. In China, we are an international supply chain logistics provider and, as a USPS Global Direct Entry (GDE) partner, move up to 400 tons of air cargo from China to the US every month.

      For Western merchants we facilitate e-commerce in China, starting with services to assist market entry, strategy and sales implementation, and of course forward and reverse logistics in support of the ever growing Chinese consumer phenomenon.


      Our Mission

      Provide turnkey e-commerce facilitation that values your product above your parcel for the best customer experience.




      Our Vision

      Provide a customized end-to-end menu of services to meet any need at any point along your product pathway.

      Core Value

      Prove that our reliability is second to none, every day.

      Why Choose Us

      Inbound U.S. - SkuTouch provides integrated end-to-end direct global shipping solutions, transporting parcels from origin countries such as China, providing all logistics and brokerage activities. We interact directly with USPS systems to facilitate package preparation and tracking, all managed with our custom cloud-based software solution.
      Inbound China - SkuTouch is deeply invested in China's Guanxi culture, governmental policies and business practices. We guarantee a smooth and reliable entry into China's market, quick implementation of web and marketplace platforms, together with shipping, inventory management, last mile delivery and after sale service, all managed with our custom cloud-based software solution.


      E-commerce Facilitation

      Plug into a system that is more than complete forward and reverse logistics.

      Market Entry & Sales

      An integrated approach that connects every stage from market entry to returns policies.

      End-to-End Solution

      From the manufacturer to your customer’s doorstep, Easy or West.

      Consultative Approach

      Breakaway phases enable assessment, implementation and ongoing services.

      Custom Cloud-Based Software

      Proving our reliability every day via a shared platform that outpaces any other solution.