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      Welcome to SkuTouch

      More than complete logistics to the U.S. and China markets, SkuTouch helps to grow your          e-commerce bottom line with a menu of customized services at any stage of your product line life cycles, from market entry to returns policy.

      Market Entry

      Strategic China market assessment and plan development for launch of new products and product lines in the cross-border e-commerce market

      Market Penetration

      Implement the strategic plan with the launch of online marketplace sales together with logistical initiatives according to customized needs

      International Logistics

      Complete system of forward and reverse logistics to define your best product pathway from manufacturer to customer doorstep

      Customer Service

      After sale customer care together with product returns consolidation and reworking


      Market strategy, implementation, forward and reverse logistics, and after sales service.

      Entering the Market

      Economic analyses and market research, including comprehensive product, target market and segment research to validate entry decision.

      Build Implementation Plan

      Strategic assessment and plan to implement launch of new products and product lines for the China e-commerce market.

      Strategy Implementation

      Execute strategic marketing, sales and logistical initiatives according to customized needs.

      Market Penetration

      Create and manage targeted digital promotion; mobile e-commerce platforms, branded web, social media.

      Forward & Reverse Logistics

      Parcel collection, transportation, documentation, shipping, last mile, returns and exchange.

      After Sale Customer Care

      Customer service from point of sale to return products inspected, confirmed, consolidated and sent back to the retailer or reworked as in-country stock.

      SkuTouch Solutions is a Cross-Border      E-commerce partner with customized services for any stage of your product line life cycles.

      Why SkuTouch?

      Consultation | Implementation | Support

      Remove Barriers to Entry

      Economic Analysis, Market Research, Target & Segment Consumer Research, Value Proposition, Marketing Channels.

      Implement Strategy

      E-commerce marketplace and website multi-platform order management software, payment transaction, shipping cart integration, checkout functionality within your dedicated operating environment.

      International Supply Chain

      Parcel collection, transportation, documentation, shipping, customs clearance, taxes, duties and shipping, warehouse and inventory, tracking and delivery with last mile guarantee.

      Customer Service

      Customer order tracking from point of sale, trained customer service staff, returns and exchange facilities, returns inspected, confirmed, consolidated to protect brand equity.

      Returns & Exchange

      Planning, Reduction/Prevention, Efficient Processing, Asset Recovery, Outsource Returns, Processing Technology.